Gedi Sibony

Gedi Sibony’s constructions draw from the traditions of minimalism in their pared down aesthetics and conception of sculpture as selfcontained conceptual objects. Unlike the highly polished works of artists such as Donald Judd or Ad Reinhardt, Sibony’s objects adopt an impoverished style and are often made from found materials such as cardboard, plastic sheeting, and wood. Through these media, which are associated with both construction and debris, Sibony’s work elevates the humble qualities of everyday ‘stuff’ to create instances of poetic beauty.

Sibony’s Untitled is a monumental assemblage of plastic wrapping and packing tape. Its overwhelming scale magnifies its fragile physicality, making its precarious presence simultaneously awesome and embarrassed. At first glance Sibony’s piece seems happenstance, as if the packaging of a work had been hung, rather than the work itself. The brown tape however, forms a rough image of a canvas on an easel; sketched out on the clear tarpaulin, Sibony’s witty conceptual game challenges expectations of perception and demythologises the processes behind art production – from the laborious work in the studio to final exhibition - making the creative methodology quite literally transparent.

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