Jason Rhoades’s spectacular, overloaded installations are immediately accessible and eye-catching, and at the same time deeply systematic, detailed, and rewarding of careful historical and critical engagement. Using found objects, neon, Lego, power tools, macramé, snaking wires, figurines, and a vast range of other materials, Rhoades’s work brings the viewer in with humor, vibrancy, and the provocative audacity of his vision. His work is also deeply American. His engagement with American car culture, cowboys, power tools, consumer culture, and the ethic of the self-made pervades, evoking a version of the American ethos that is playfully supercharged and sometimes ironic but always peculiarly sincere.

As he put it himself, "To juggle the impossible was always an issue throughout my work - to take three objects, like a rubber ball, a chain saw and a live African elephant, and try to juggle."

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