Website Launch Party at General Practice, a Jack Roy Original is a resource for making your very own mid-eighties to late nineties (for the most part) appropriation based art works. Why venture out of the house when you can stay inside binging on your own personal pile of blue candy, sawing your house in half while covered in ketchup, staring blankly at someone over your own kitchen table, and not playing a piano? MOMA is in your basement when you take the time to actualize your dreams collaborating on a wall drawing with your five year old, stretching that old drop cloth from your garage, taking the time to nail yourself to Volkswagen and letting strangers cut off all your clothes. Think of all the fun you’ll have painting your roommates blue, getting horrifyingly disfiguring plastic surgery while serving Pad Thai to your friends and punching yourself in the face while humming the theme from Rocky. All this and more can be yours at, or stop by our showroom located at 266 Suydam St. in trendy Bushwick, this Sunday April 27 from 6-8pm to see the possibilities you could be realizing in your own home or office. All guests are invited to a post-reception at 53 Irving from 8-10pm.